• Study English

    From Absolute Beginner to Advanced Level.

    Duration : Five Weeks i.e. 60 Hours

    Certificate : Beginners Course In English

    Equivalent to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) 1 level

  • IELTS TOEFL training English class

    Talking freely and making conversation.

    Understanding public announcements and instructions

    Asking simple questions and dealing with conversations as a tourist visiting a foreign country.

    The learner progresses from Elementary to Pre-Intermediate level (A1/A2) = KET

  • Learn business English at IAES Goa

    Teaches general business vocabulary.

    Oral and written communication in a business context.

    Meeting and negotiation skills.

    Emails and social media, letters, reports etc.

    Learning common terms employed in everyday business communication.

    Free Cambridge ELT material.

  • Become an orator and improve presentation and speaking skills in English

    Effective tool for professionals and professionals to be.

    Designed to sharpen your skills in business presentations

    Understanding different accents like British, American, etc.

    Free Cambridge ELT video and workbook on professional presentation

  • Learn professional English speaking skills

    BEC: All three levels.

  • English training for Teachers and Corporates

    For Corporates and Teachers.