PET - Preliminary English Test

PET - Preliminary English Test

PET is an examination for people who can use everyday written and spoken English at an intermediate level.

It covers all four language skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking.

PET is at Level B1 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

What's expected of you

Understand the main points of straight forward instructions or public announcements.

Deal with most of the situations you might meet with when travelling as a tourist in an English-speaking country.

Ask simple questions and take part in factual conversations in a work environment.

Write letters or make notes on familiar matters.

What does PET Involve

  • Test 1

    Reading / Writing

    You need to be able to read texts from signs, journals, newspapers, and magazines and understand the main points. You will need to show that you can use vocabulary and structure by completing tasks such as writing a short message, a story or a letter of around a 100 words. You will also need to complete an exercise involving changing the meaning of sentences.

  • Test 2


    You will need to show you can understand the meaning of a range of recorded spoken material, including announcements and discussions about everyday life.

    You need to be able to follow the attitudes and intentions of speakers.

  • Test 3


    Candidates take the speaking test in pairs. You will have to show your spoken English by taking part in conversation, asking and answering questions and talking freely about your likes and dislikes.